My Upcycled Halloween - E.A.Poe Homage

Posted on October 9, 2016 at 3:25 PM

I am not a big fan of anything too macabre come Halloween - definitely no zombies or ghastly ghouls (okay, I confess, I scare easily). When I thought about what I wanted for my party, I thought that an Edgar Allen Poe homage theme would be perfect.  When figuring out what I needed for my decorations, I routed through my recycling bin and cupboards and realized I could save myself trips to the Dollar or craft stores because I already had stuff on hand that could easily be revamped in a Halloweenish way with this underlying theme. 

You’d be amazed at how many items around your home (both inside and out) can be repurposed into Halloween decor pieces. Like my stuff they may just need to be dolled up a little bit.

How I did it!

First I needed a tablecloth. Taking an old white bed sheet, I covered my hands with blood red poster paint and scrunched the sheet until it was covered with splotches of 'blood'. No worries, I was able to wash off the poster paint quite easily.

Next, I needed some table accessories. 

To add some interest and height, I pulled out a few of my book folding samples left over from a previous workshop. Instead of heading to the Dollar store for crows/ravens, I opted to copy Poe-inspired ones from an old book and printed these in colour on black card weight paper. Printing the images in colour rather than black and white made the details on the ravens stand out. For more support, I glued wooden skewer to each bird and then stuck them (the birds) into my folded books. 

The picture frame was rescued from our building tip and the picture of Edgar was copied from a biography on him, I scanned, enlarged, and printed it out at my local copy shop. 

For the libations, I shopped my recycling bin (again) to retrieve glass bottles with interesting shapes, mostly olive oil containers, to make perfectly spooky potion bottles. After cleaning the bottle labels off with warm, soapy water, I glued on the creepiest (free) paper labels that I find online (there are oodles of them). 

I couldn't resist making these dessert toppers to decorate my (store-bought) cheesecake treats. EAP and his favourite bird, the raven, were perfect. I made the cake stands by glueing old plastic plates to (really ugly) candlesticks and painted these all black.

The bloody splotched napkins were torn from a couple of old pillowcases. The napkin holders are simply luggage locks and keys holding a bit of 'chain' links (leftover from an old project - I throw little out!) around the napkins.

My only cost was for photocopying - $4.50. And that's all.


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