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Posted on August 16, 2016 at 4:15 PM

Yup, another day of great street finds. It's been pouring rain today but I had to run out to finish up some chores and, to my surprise, stumbled upon another treasure trove at the same location where I found the discarded Ikea drawers. Among the items on the curb were things I actually needed. It's so weird that I'm beginning to think I'm either the luckiest gal around or someone somewhere really likes me.

I dragged home a black patio table, a white plastic garbage pail ( just what I needed for storing my plant pots once my balcony garden has been shut down for winter), a small black and rusted watering can, and what I originally thought was a Victorian mirror frame.

The patio table is a perfect replacement for my large round patio table, which I recently sold. It was just too big for my balcony and took up too much room inside when I brought it in once summer's over. When I sold my original table, I figured I could find something smaller at a charity shop but never seemed to have the time to go and look.

And there it was this morning: small, dark, and handsome, leaning so casually against a tree. Just what I needed so how could I resist. I was missing my early morning coffee on the balcony and now I can enjoy it once more before the weather changes.

The round 'frame' turned out to be the metal bottom of what I think was a lampstand. When I saw it I knew what I could make with it despite the fact that it's not really a frame. People will freak out when they see what I'll be doing with it for a future workshop.

Not exactly a street find - I pilfered these apples still attached to branches from a crab apple tree in the park. The groundskeepers saw me and merely shrugged and then laughed when I told them how I planned to use branches of apples - again for a future workshop. 

The real reason why I went out this morning in the torrential rain and again, not really a street find. I find that shoe boxes are just perfect for Christmas gifts and decided to head out to beg for a few from local shoe shops. Little did I know that nowadays, the shops no longer keep the empty boxes customers don't want when they purchase shoes. They're flattened (the boxes, not the customers) and destroyed. I think shoe manufacturers instruct shops to do this because they're are afraid counterfeiters will use the authentic boxes for their counterfeit knockoffs. 

However, once I explained why I wanted them, a few shop employees were gracious enough to give me what they had - even providing me with bags to carry the boxes in. They all asked me not to name them in my blog as they were afraid, I think, of crowds coming and begging for the same. But I am grateful they did give me what they could.

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