Recycling My Stuff - Molding Ideas

Posted on January 18, 2016 at 4:10 PM

A while ago (okay, years ago) I talked myself into buying a stash of metal molds -– the kind used to shape puddings, jello, cakes, and things in aspic (shudder!).  The fashion for forcing food into elaborate shapes has been around for a long time (centuries, I discovered) but it appears to have gone out of vogue these days.

With all the moves I had to make over the past few years, I never got around to using my horde in any way and promptly forgot about them. Clearing out my storage unit uncovered the molds in a pile of junk stuff yet to be recycled,  and never finding a use for these molds, it’s time to let them go. Before I do that, however, I wanted to see what useful possibilities, if any, were out there.

A quick search online and I found some pretty appealing ideas.

Plant Pot Idea #1

I found this idea at Boot n Gus, an Etsy online shop and it shows you the possibilities for this type copper tone mold. It appears all you need to make it is some twine (heavy duty, I suspect, and an electric drill to make the holes. I have the identical one in my stash but I don't have a drill.

Plant Pot Idea #2

Another idea, and one I really like, is from yet another Etsy shop, Armory Art and Antiques. These Etsy owners are a busy and creative lot. This idea for holding plants is just one of their ideas. These cute little molds could be used for organizing your bits and bobs, hold candles, or anything else you can think of. Again, I have at least a dozen of these so this may be a possible. And no drill required. You know me, if it's easy-peasy, I'm there!

Pinning Away

A very practical idea if you're a sewer or mender. Not me. Again, yet another Etsy find. You may be able find it at Smile Mercantile if it hasn't been sold


Caveat: Please note that the above items from the Etsy shops may no longer be available.

Oh, Christmas Tree

I know, I know, Christmas is over, Maybe a project for next year. Just pile the molds on top of each other and voila, a tabletop tree to adorn your kitchen table. Nice idea for a foodie. I found this on Merchant Design, a French design blog, but in checking, it looks like the site no longer exists. 

Light Up

This lighting idea will work all year round if you can get your hands on a few dozen of the small molds. This project is from Farm Fresh Therapy.  I like this one but you need a drill.

Mold History

If you're interested in finding out more about the history of molds, Ivan Day over at Historic Food provides all the information you need and recipes, too!

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