Recycling My Stuff - The Key Thing

Posted on January 1, 2016 at 3:00 PM

I've decided to start the new year off by trying (again) to download more of my bits and bobs. I found these keys in a small box tucked away on the floor of my storage unit. How and where I came to acquire them is a mystery to me. Maybe they came with the storage unit and have always been here. I know that I could have been really clever and recycled or upcycled these keys myself had I the inclination, the time, or the energy, but I don't. My little voice tells me to let someone else do it. By the way, these keys are resting on an eviction notice for a house in Paris ca. 1815. That I'm keeping.

Stylish Hardware

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, keys can be used to make nice hardware for your cutie to wear around his/her neck.  You can buy a similar chain to the one shown at any hardware store - cheaper than craft stores. This particular one was found at an online shop - - but the necklace and the website are no longer available.

Under Lock and Key

Love this idea - use it to keep the clasp of a diary closed from prying eyes - yeah, this will work! From an Etsy shop - Binding Bee. I think it's already gone but there's loads of other examples.

Tomorrow I'm talking molds - not the virus kind - the making jelly molds kind.

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