Earth Day April 22 2016

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Earth Day is April 22. The Nature Conservancy organization is urging us to make it an Earth Month. A branch of this organization exists in almost all counties (visit the website to find your location) and is dedicated to conserving the lands and waters on which all life depends. 

But shouldn't every day be an Earth Day? Rachel Carson's book, Silent Spring, written in 1962, was a wakeup call to the damage being done to our planet. Now under scrutiny for some of her claims, it, nevertheless, provides many valuable lessons for us as stewards of Earth. I have just finished reading Dave Goulson's, A Buzz in the Meadow, and fifty years after publication of Carson's book, it looks like things haven't changed much. 

To find out more about the demise of bumblebees and its effect, visit Goulson's Bumblebee Conservation Trust site.  

If you want to turn your kids into nature lovers, I would also recommend any book by Gerald Durrell

Go to the Nature Conservancy website, to find ways that you and your family can, not just on April 22, but from now on, find ways to ease the destruction of this lovely earth.

Recycling My Stuff - Molding Ideas

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A while ago (okay, years ago) I talked myself into buying a stash of metal molds -– the kind used to shape puddings, jello, cakes, and things in aspic (shudder!).  The fashion for forcing food into elaborate shapes has been around for a long time (centuries, I discovered) but it appears to have gone out of vogue these days.

With all the moves I had to make over the past few years, I never got around to using my horde in any way and promptly forgot about them. Clearing out my storage unit uncovered the molds in a pile of junk stuff yet to be recycled,  and never finding a use for these molds, it’s time to let them go. Before I do that, however, I wanted to see what useful possibilities, if any, were out there.

A quick search online and I found some pretty appealing ideas.

Plant Pot Idea #1

I found this idea at Boot n Gus, an Etsy online shop and it shows you the possibilities for this type copper tone mold. It appears all you need to make it is some twine (heavy duty, I suspect, and an electric drill to make the holes. I have the identical one in my stash but I don't have a drill.

Plant Pot Idea #2

Another idea, and one I really like, is from yet another Etsy shop, Armory Art and Antiques. These Etsy owners are a busy and creative lot. This idea for holding plants is just one of their ideas. These cute little molds could be used for organizing your bits and bobs, hold candles, or anything else you can think of. Again, I have at least a dozen of these so this may be a possible. And no drill required. You know me, if it's easy-peasy, I'm there!

Pinning Away

A very practical idea if you're a sewer or mender. Not me. Again, yet another Etsy find. You may be able find it at Smile Mercantile if it hasn't been sold


Caveat: Please note that the above items from the Etsy shops may no longer be available.

Oh, Christmas Tree

I know, I know, Christmas is over, Maybe a project for next year. Just pile the molds on top of each other and voila, a tabletop tree to adorn your kitchen table. Nice idea for a foodie. I found this on Merchant Design, a French design blog, but in checking, it looks like the site no longer exists. 

Light Up

This lighting idea will work all year round if you can get your hands on a few dozen of the small molds. This project is from Farm Fresh Therapy.  I like this one but you need a drill.

Mold History

If you're interested in finding out more about the history of molds, Ivan Day over at Historic Food provides all the information you need and recipes, too!

Recycling My Stuff - The Key Thing

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I've decided to start the new year off by trying (again) to download more of my bits and bobs. I found these keys in a small box tucked away on the floor of my storage unit. How and where I came to acquire them is a mystery to me. Maybe they came with the storage unit and have always been here. I know that I could have been really clever and recycled or upcycled these keys myself had I the inclination, the time, or the energy, but I don't. My little voice tells me to let someone else do it. By the way, these keys are resting on an eviction notice for a house in Paris ca. 1815. That I'm keeping.

Stylish Hardware

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, keys can be used to make nice hardware for your cutie to wear around his/her neck.  You can buy a similar chain to the one shown at any hardware store - cheaper than craft stores. This particular one was found at an online shop - - but the necklace and the website are no longer available.

Under Lock and Key

Love this idea - use it to keep the clasp of a diary closed from prying eyes - yeah, this will work! From an Etsy shop - Binding Bee. I think it's already gone but there's loads of other examples.

Tomorrow I'm talking molds - not the virus kind - the making jelly molds kind.

Upcycling Your Halloween Pumpkins

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If you’re anything like me, the easier it is to decorate for any holiday, the more time you’ve got to actually enjoy the holiday. And this is especially, for me at least, during Halloween. Now, I know, that there are literally thousands of ideas you can find online but I don’t have the time usually or the inclination to do much searching. I tend to get a bit dizzy and need liquid refreshment to help me out. So, as usual, I rely on my readers to help me out. This year this faithful band sent me loads of images and links.

I especially liked the ones that saved me having to carve up the pumpkin and whenever possible, able to use what I have on hand for the decoration – no heading to the mall or the dollar store for me. By the way, I’m not a great fan of the truly creepy and ghoulish, so my likes are usually pretty – well, actually – just pretty.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Office Supply Pumpkins

No doubt the easiest to do as you can be as klutzy as me and still create something beautiful. I happen to have loads of brads and pushpins on hand and will find these a delight to make. And, oh, goody, you can dress up your office desk in five minutes flat. Here's the link.

Fanciful Pumpkins

A lovely Halloween centrepiece and so easy-peasy to make. I've masked a lot of pumpkins in the past but haven't used butterflies as well. It may be a bit of a pain to cut out all those butterflies but hey, it looks great. Any guests of yours will be envious of your talent. Of course, if you're a purist,  you could substitute bats for the butterflies. To check out these pumpkins and 46 more pumpkin decorating ideas, click here.

Lace Pumpkin

Definitely a more romantic way to decorate your pumpkin. This one is covered by a lace stocking but you could also use lace doilies, etc. Whatever you've got on hand is the idea. Check it out here.

Washi Tape Pumpkins

No fuss, no muss. These little pumpkins are decorated with double-sided tape and patterned ribbon but washi tape would do the trick as well. For this idea and more no-carve decorating ideas, click here.

Book Page Pumpkin

So what happens when you haven't had time to get to the market to pick up some pumpkins? Don't you worry, don't you fret - just head for your bookshelf and see if you've got a long-neglected, unread book taking up space. Et voila, a pumpkin centrepiece like not other. And you can use it for Thanksgiving, too. Find out how here.

Construction Paper Pumpkin

One for the kids - a pumpkin made from strips of orange construction paper. Easy-peasy instructions here.

Disguised as Pumpkins

My own version of faux pumpkins. I got a good deal on grapefruit at the market recently and decided that before being eaten, a few could easily substitute as wee pumpkins. Adding a witchy paper hat and mask was an easy way to make these look a little sinister - okay, they're not scary, just cute.

Ikea Inspiration & More

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It's way too hot to do anything today (31 deg C / 48 deg C humidex) so I'm inside in front of my $10. fan, having decided to spend my afternoon with Ikea - not the shop - it's way too far to traipse over to the wilderness where the store is located. I just don't have the energy. Fortunately, I do have access to Ikea online, both to its Livet Hemma site and the 2016 catalogue. The catalogue is the US version.

Upcycled Pallet Patio Hanging Bed


A nice Ikea idea – if you have the skills – create a hanging bed on your balcony or patio or in the garden, recycling wood pallets. And, of course, decorating your new 'bed' with Ikea linens!!!

How to Do It

I myself would not attempt this as you know I am a klutz. The bed would probably fall down on top of me before it was finished. But if you are keen (and skilled in all ways carpentry), Oklahoma photographer Sheryl Salisbury provides very clear step-by-step instructions for making a pallet swing, which can be used as a bed (with photos). For instructions, click here.

Or you could also follow the instructions here from the Merry Thought gal. 

Recycle Fabric Strips for Balcony Privacy

If you have a balcony that overlooks a busy street, your next door neighbour, or an ugly view, why not hide what you see with this neat idea. Not only will you gain a little privacy but you'll finally find a use for all those unused bits of fabric you've got stashed away. I did something similar when I had a balcony that overlooked the back of a number of restaurants.

How to Do It

Simply rip strips (2-3 inches wide) of any brightly patterned fabrics that you won't be using and tie the strips to your balcony railing. You can also use any lengths of ribbon instead of fabric.

Create a Giant Notice Board

I can never have a big enough notice board so I really liked this idea from the Ikea 2016 catalogue - creating a giant one using several small cork notice boards. This one was designed for a boy's bedroom but I can see it almost anywhere including my studio! You can often buy these notice boards at charity shops - so keep an eye out for them.

I recently found a very large notice board (but not big enough!) for $4.00 at my local church charity store. Because I don't especially like the look of cork, I recovered mine with a piece of pinstripe fabric purchased at Value Village last year. I'm now on the lookout for another similar notice board to increase the size of the one I already have.

Too hot to go on, so I'll say ciao for now.

Recycling my stuff

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In yet another effort to downsize and organize my studio (and myself), I've been selling off a lot of things that were just stored away and never in view. Since I almost never buy anything new, most of the things that I am selling is vintage with a few genuine antiques amongst them. When I was a student I couldn't afford a lot of new decorative accessories or even essentials, so charity shops, flea markets and garage sales were the mainstay for my shopping adventures. Now I'm glad that I did what I did back then as I had no idea what my odds and ends would fetch today.  

I was lucky enough to visit Europe over the years and haunted the flea markets in France, Italy, and the UK, bringing home souvenirs of my trips. Few of these were actually tourist souvenirs, just bits and bobs I simply had to have - dozens of Eiffel towers in various sizes, terracotta cannonball (that's what I call it - these balls were actually used to hold down netting over berry bushes), pair of brass candlebras from St. Paul's church in Paris, an antique pewter measure, loads of old wooden boxes, and even a military cadet's wrought iron bed which weighed a ton. As it was foldable, I brought it over as luggage and the guys at Customs just shook their heads in amazement. No way could I do that today!

Over the years I have sold a lot and some I miss. So, I am a little reluctant to sell off all of my James Keiller & Son marmalade crocks and have only put two up for sale (both went quickly). Usually I only have bought what I really, really, really was drawn to (and still do) even back in my university days and I remember exactly where and when I made my purchases.

Funny how things can evoke such strong feelings but there it is. How about you, do you feel the same way about stuff that you've loved and lost (I mean, sold)?