Recycling Paperbacks - Book Folding

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My first Book Folding workshop is over and here are a few samples of what we made. Book folding is an easy and fun way to relieve stress - a little like knitting. You can do it while watching TV (once you've mastered the folds - very easy!!) or while on the phone. Just don't tell the person on the other end that they don't have your full attention.

Each of the above samples can be made under one hour. So - what are you waiting for. Grab a book and get started. By the way, I get most of my books by going to different second-hand bookstores and asking if they have any books they can't sell and usually they let me rummage about in the cellars and back rooms for old, battered books they've yet to get rid of. Cost - usually nothing but some do charge a buck or two. These I don't bother with. You can also pick up cheap books at church bazaar sales. Charity shops here are now getting too expensive for me!! 

Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars - Day 6

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Don't you just love this Advent calendar from Snug Studio and published in the German magazine, Nido. You can easily put it together using whatever paper you've got on hand - scrapbooking paper, magazine pages, cereal boxes, etc. I just might attempt it myself this coming weekend for my little guy. 

You'll find this and other calendars at Snug Studio

By the way, you can also find a few ideas for Christmas Advent calendars over at my other blog


Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars - Day 5

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Time's flying - it's only a couple of weeks before putting up your Advent calendar. Which one will you make?  This one made from cardboard toilet rolls is from Erlend over at Morning Creativity. I personally have a problem with toilet rolls (come on - you know where they've been!) but you can easily substitute any cardboard tube - from paper towels, girftwrap, etc. Quick and easy, it'll be up to you what you put inside.

Get the instructions here.

Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars - Day 3

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Someone asked me why I put up such easy-to-make Advent calenders. Well, it's because I don't want to have to go shopping and buy stuff to make one and who has time to work with completed ones. Besides, I like simple and quick. It makes my life easy.

Here's an Advent calendar from the french blog, clementinelamandarine, and it won't cost you a cent to make. Just recycle, a newspaper, pages from an old book, telephone directory to create it. The instructions are in French but the photos are so good that you won't need a translation.

But if you do, here's how: 

Start by rolling a page to form a cone. NOTE: If you are using a newspaper, cut out the number of squares you will need in the size you want first. Glue the two outside corners to keep the cone in place, as shown in the photos by the black circles. Fill the cone with what you want and glue shut.

Go here for a really good tutorial all in pictures.

You still have a couple of weeks to finish it! Good luck!

Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars - Day 2

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If you drink a lot of takeout coffee and feel bad about tossing out the paper coffee cup, here's a way to reuse these and make a neat Advent calendar. Great idea for the office, no? I found this 'calendar' on the website of the German magazine, Living at Home that I blogged about last year. In case you missed that one, you can find it here.

The instructions are fairly straightforward as you can work these out from the photo. Here is my version:

Clean and dry your empty takeout coffee cups and create a unique Advent calendar. Cover the outside of the cups with any colourful leftover wrapping paper, then fill the cups with chocolates, vouchers (lotto tickets??) or other small giftss. Replace lid and tie a ribbon on with a number label (or simply write a number right on the cup). There are lots more Advent calendar ideas at this website. Go here to take a gander.

Let's Make Merry - Advent Calendars

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Looking for some new and wonderful ideas for this coming holiday season?  I know, I know, Christmas is coming up way to fast and everyone is busy (never mind that my US friends still have to get through Thanksgiving!!). I’m searching out Christmas holiday ideas that incorporate recycling, reusing, and repurposing as well as being quick, easy, and economical to make. Just for you!

Advent calendars are at the top of my list right now. These will need to be up and ready for the little ones (and not so little, either!!) by December 1. If you're anything like me and have a horde of used (but clean) brown paper lunch bags collecting dust somewhere, you’ll love this idea for a quick and easy Advent calendar. This comes from Annie, over at Most Lovely Things. Brilliant and so easy to do!