May Workshops - Recycling All the Way!

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My May Workshops have been posted and I'm looking forward to showing participants what they can do just be recycling! All my projects are easy-peasy, low-cost, and fun to boot.

We'll be making cakes, cake stands, woodland critters and even a portable urban garden. If you are in the Ottawa area, why not join us for two hours of fun in the making - and bonus, you walk away with a completed project. Most materials are provided and kids are welcome.

Can't make it on the day? No problem, contact me and we can arrange something.



Earth Day Workshops April 22nd

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This Saturday, April 22nd, is Earth Day and I hope that you will be participating in your own communities as I am sure there are loads of events planned. Volunteer and lend a hand to get people motivated to participate. Leave the car at home and starting to make walking, cycling, roller blading, skateboarding, whatever, your commitment - not for just this day but every day. It's not only good for the environment but good for you too. Shop at your local stores to encourage the opening (or reopening) of small businesses that would provide you with stuff you typically buy online. There used to be so many little shops in my area and they gradually disappeared. But now I am happy to see many coming back. We owe it to this amazing planet and to future generations to clean up our act before it's too late. That's my eco-friendly rant!

What am I doing on Earth Day, you ask? Well, I have two workshops (and sold out!!) scheduled for the day and, as in all my workshops, I feature a recycling component in each one. 

Beginners Book Folding Workshop - DIY Woodland Critters

In the morning's Beginners Book Folding workshop, we will be recycling old tattered and torn paperback and/or hardcover books, transforming these in cute little woodland critters: hedgehog, mole, and badger. I'll leave it to you to figure out which is which. 

Kid's Urban Garden Workshop - Recycling Plastic Milk/Juice Containers

The afternoon workshop is all about recycling plastic milk/juice containers for my Kid's Urban Gardening workshop. Everything needed will be supplied except for the containers which I am asking the participants to bring. I've posted information about this type of gardening here. It's really a fun way to get kids recycling and gardening - and what kid doesn't like to get all mucky and muddy?

Both workshops have sold out but I will be holding these again in May and June.

Workshop News and What's Going On ...

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My Paper Bead workshop went well despite the weather - heavy freezing rain but people showed up and we had a great time making beads. Some of the participant went home wearing their work!

I just opened an instagram account and have become addicted (well, almost). Why not see what I'm up to at my new Instagram account?


Workshops 2017

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I'm in the process of designing my 2017 workshops and am very excited about some of them (okay, I get excited easily). But I'm having a ball coming up with new ideas and making my samples which I will post on Instagram (I'll be setting this up soon) as soon as I am done making the samples. Among some of my workshop ideas are a packing tape sticker label workshop (where we recycle glass jars into storage containers), a bath bomb workshop (recycling egg cartons) and an amazing book folding workshop creating woodland critters by recycling old paperbacks.


My first workshop is a Basic Paper Bead WorkshopThis is a basic workshop where we recycling magazines, junk mail, old maps, newspapers, calendars, catalogues - well any scrap paper into paper beads. Participants will be shown the various techniques used for making and then create their very own. All you really need for making paper beads is any one of these paper materials and you can make necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets. Let your imagination go wild.


It also occurred to me that all those drawings that my little friends made for me could be repurposed as beads. I love this idea as it's a great way of preserving their work in an incredibly creative way. So, if you've got a pile of drawings that you don't want to toss out, why not consider upcycling these into beads. 


Beads can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes from large intricate beads to more sophisticated ones. I always look for ways to make a recycling craft easy (and fast) so I was inspired by a neighbour who has arthritis in her hands to come up with an very simple way for her (and kids) to create spectacular beads quickly and easily. The above necklaces were made by a group of 7- and 8-year olds. Took less than 20 minutes!



More adventuresome crafters can create itty-bitty ones such as the one above. If you are in the Ottawa area, why not come along for a great time to create something wonderful and spend some time with other creatives. Making paper beads is actually simple with my methods - any kids who come along will enjoy this workshop as well. And, bonus, you'll have gifts already on hand when a birthday or other festive occasion pops up.

For more info on the paper bead workshop, click here.

Book Ornament Workshop!

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My workshop hosted by Westboro Brainery at the Dovercourt Recreation Centere here in Ottawa was a smashing success. Transformed many old books into holiday ornaments including Christmas trees, snowmen, and stars.

What a great way to spend an evening with a group of lovely, lively ladies. And, pssst, they actually pay me for doing this!! Check out more photos here.

Picture sources: Westboro Brainery



Christmas Workshop - Starry, Starry Night

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At this Christmas Star Making Workshop, participants will learn two methods to create 3D stars from recycled material and the shown how they can turn their creations into wreaths, garlands, tree decorations, card, and hangings. As always, participants will be shopping their (and my) recycling bins and cupboards for materials rather than hitting the mall shops.

Should be fun.